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guided curriculum

Week 1

What is mental performance? How does my focus effect my overall athletic performance?

Week 5

Building grit through strengthening understanding and deflating the ego.

Week 7

Visualization techniques and the power of meditation. Empower your mind.

Week 2

How does adversity effect my ability to build resilience and strengthen my grit


Athlete performance is determined  by an athletes ability to focus when it matters.

Week 8

The art of control. Learn how to focus on what you can control vs. what you can't.

Week 3

13-steps to coachability. What don't I see or understand as an athlete that effects my coach?


An athletes mind is their most powerful weapon. Learn how to use it.

Week 9

Powerlessness vs. unmanageability. Goals vs. Wishes.

Week 4

Content communication. Mean what you say and do what you say.

Week 6

The power of vulnerability teaches us to embrace discomfort and accept feedback.

Week 10

Group Capstone Project. Work with teammates to create a solution.

Vintage Helmet and American Football Bal


Ex-college athletes turned coaches that have worked in the behavioral health field for over a decade. We saw what worked when building resilience in the mental health field and turned it into a 10-week program for athletes. Backed by evidence-based models of intervention to help with issues related to performance anxiety, focus and attitude, this program is the first step in creating a winning culture in your building.

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